It’s the final countdown!

It is great to be able to report that apart from a few karo which need to be grown on for next year, we are now down to our final 210 cabbage trees in the nursery.  Everything else has been cleaned out or committed to a site.  This means our final tally of plants provided will be something over 24,000, most of which we grew ourselves.

If you think you might have a suitable site for those last few cabbage trees then best you get in touch smartly.  We almost achieved the goal of getting the nursery emptied out by the end of August.  I am really pleased with the number of first time ‘customers’, which reminds me…..

Annual subs due now

Part of the deal for you to receive free plants, apart from being within the right area and using the plants for the right purpose is that you have to pay the $10 subscription, fill in the application form and become a member of the society.  I have attached the application form again, it’s in Word so you can just complete it on line and email it back.  If you have received plants and you haven’t done the membership thing, now is your time.

And finally…

I think it’s safe to say that the farm dam which supplies the water for the nursery is full again, and I am trying a couple of tricks to make sure we keep it as full as possible for as long as possible.  Smiley face.