Final tally 2020

I can now report that if we include the additional plants which landowners provided into the mix themselves, we were responsible for more than 25,000 plants going into the ground in our area, about 21,000 of them being grown in our nursery.  Last year’s grand total was less than 19,000.  Most of the plants were planted by the owners themselves, although more than 7,000 were planted by a contractor we employed at three different sites.  I couldn’t arrange a full-on community planting day this year – blame it on the Covid – but we did have planting events with students from Matakohe School and Otamatea High School.  It is something I really look forward to each year, the youthful enthusiasm and the noise levels energise me.

While it may be the end of one season, it is also the beginning of the next – we have just taken delivery of about 6,000 baby flax plants from the propagating nursery for potting up.  If you would like to be added to the “nursery working bee” emailing list please get in touch.  Most of the action in the nursery will be between now and Xmas.  There is no obligation implied in signing up.