In the last Update I said that we had taken delivery of about 6,000 baby flax plants.  It ended up being just over 7,000, so that’s a good start.  The recent rain was a great help too for topping the water supply dam up, and good to know that this season’s plantings will have had a decent drink at last – we had about 49 mm here.

And for those who have done some planting over the winter, now is the time you should be getting onto releasing the plants you have put in the ground.  If you don’t get to it before the end of the month, there is a risk of plants being lost.  Best you check and see.

Finally, some of you will be aware of the Dairy NZ-sponsored “The vision is clear” promotion which has been going on for some time.  Glenyse Christian, who had written an article about us for the Dairy Exporter a few years ago, got in touch about featuring us in an item for The Vision is Clear. 

Here it is: The Vision is Clear