Saturday 23rd June will be the third time we will have held a community planting day at the White Rock Hills property, Marohemo – your hosts Bryce & Aneta, Peter & Prue. Of course it has been a brilliant Summer/Autumn for plant survival, and we look forward to another successful planting season this year.

To get to the planting site you need to go down the long driveway at 104 Marohemo Rd.  We will start at about 9 am and finish with lunch provided by our hosts.  We take biosecurity seriously, and ask you to do your bit too.  This means cleaning your boots before you come, and using the footbath or disinfectant spray on your footwear when you arrive.

Those who have been involved with Otamatea HarbourCare in previous years will know we have had variously the support of Te Radar, Paul Henry and Greg Gent.  This year the identity of our special guest will remain a surprise (at least for now), so why not come along and find out who it is?  People who plant trees are good community-minded people.  Make the 23rd of June your time to be one of those people.

For more details, give Mark Vincent a call (431 7353 or 021 0829 8037), visit Or click here to register your attendance