Hi there HarbourCare Friends,

I’m told we are experiencing rainfall that’s 30% above average; its usually a good thing to be above average, but ordinary would be nice just at the moment.  Apparently this is what a metre of rain in the last 5 months looks like.  Anyhoo, two things:

  • A reminder about the planting day we have coming up this Wednesday on the Roadley property at Batley.  We kick off with morning tea at about 9.30am , which will give time for the Spark Foundation people to get there too.  Here’s what’s on the Facebook promo: Rex and Rae Roadley want you to come and help with the ongoing programme of revegetating the kilometres of foreshore which make up the harbour boundary of their iconic farm. You will be treated to some country hospitality at the historic Batley homestead before heading out for a couple of hours of planting, then lunch back on the verandah. If you have a favourite planting spade, bring it, otherwise there will be some spare spades available.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact me or the Roadleys beforehand so we can be better prepared.  Gumboots are pretty much essential, and gardening gloves and a change of clothes might be a good idea too.  It looks like the weather is going to co-operate.

  • A great spinoff from the planting day at Luptons was the story which Glenys Christian, Editor-at-Large for the Dairy Exporter wrote about the day, and dairy farmers encountered, including our special guest Mayor Greg Gent.  I still remember how that great movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, starts out: “Most of what follows is true…”  Actually I think the article was very cleverly put together and pretty accurate.  Here’s a link to the story, I hope it works: https://nzfarmlife.co.nz/dairy-exporter/trees-will-tell-the-story/

I have been busy with sorting out some sites for more plantings to finish off the year. I think we still have some trees needing a home so if you know of anywhere suitable, please feel free to get in touch.